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Cementile Group is committed to building quality client relationships and developing its people. each customer is a trusted partner that we work with over the long term.


Cementile Group offers a comprehensive range of pre-cast concrete products and steel fabricated products to our customers. We cater to the Civil Engineering, Building, Agricultural and Private sectors, and can accommodate specialised products on request. Our yard features a competent selection of workers, supervisors and managers working round-the-clock with heavy-grade machinery and vehicles to bring you the best concrete and steel product solutions, on time, every time.


Our staff are a cohesive group that have been with us for many years, offering the right expertise and qualifications. Regular assessments are carried out as part of our performance monitoring schedule in order to get the best out of each staff member and build their skillsets. Social wealth is business wealth and we hold our staff to be our greatest asset.


We play our part in bettering the lives of local communities. Cementile Group supports local workers and affords them the opportunity to support their families and acquire specialised skills. This in turn opens the prospects to their futures. We play a facilitative role as well as an active, participatory role through various community building schemes and large-scale development projects in the Eastern Cape.

Meet The Team

Patrick Whitfield

Factory Manager

Wilberforce Majiya


Rohan Bach




Cementile Group enforces a strict quality control policy on all its concrete and steel products. Nothing leaves the yard without the inspection and approval of our supervisors. Furthermore, to mitigate any damages incurred during the delivery process, all products are protected, carefully packed and secured.


Procurement forms part of our Quality Management System (QMS). It is important for us to establish quality relationships with the suppliers of our various raw materials, machinery and vehicles to ensure you receive a risk-free, consistent supply of quality concrete and steel products. In working towards national objectives of empowerment, integration and cohesive business, we seek to source raw materials, equipment and maintenance services from high B-BBEE ranking companies.

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